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h/hr - "it's the magic (of christmas)"
ayumi_nb wrote in xharryhermione
because i'm in the mood, some christmasy fluff for all h/hr shippers =D

also, here's the pic that ispired it all, i did it myself:

( it's the magic )

Title: "it’s the magic (of Christmas)"
Beta: no one
Rating: G/PG
Words: 336
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Hermione
Theme/Prompt: none
Warnings/AN: fluffy fluff, post-ootp 7th year au.
Summary: In which Harry makes the first move.
Disclaimer: the usuaaal...

( He smiled slightly while listening to her chatter nonstop, suddenly feeling very lucky to have her as his best friend... )

the end, feedback is always welcomed


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