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fic: "and in the end it starts again"
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title: and in the end it starts again
rating: pg
fandom: harry potter
characters/pairing: harry, hermione, mention of ron; harry/hermione
status: complete
word count: 1,064
summary: her fingers are still enclosed in his and his body aches in so many places and he thinks he can stay like this forever and he remembers, remembers fully, in vivid detail the way they danced in what feels like so long ago, her pressed up against him, moving with him, her teeth flashing white in a surprised and joyful grin as he spun her around, lost in the moment, exuberant.
a/n: this involves the dancing scene from movie canon but follows mostly book canon.


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[095] Various Entries/Rejects for Icon Challenges
kirsten dunst, reese witherspoon (w/ robert pattinson), dianna agron, lea michele, blake lively, leighton meester, katie cassidy, emma watson (w/ rupert grint and daniel radcliffe), bonnie wright, clemence poesy, sophia bush, keira knightley (w/ sienna miller), rachel mcadams, britney spears, taylor swift
gossip girl, harry potter


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I'll Stand By You-Harry Hermione Video
I made a video with the song I'll stand by you which is the glee verison... I made it for a friend on youtube so it was an dedicated to her and yall will like it as well.


True Love-Harry & Hermione video DH2 Spoilers
I made this video a month ago I couldn't say im very proud what I did.. Even though I did deathly hallows part 2 I know about the ending & etc.. it was not going to give me up from making video and artwork of my favorite hp couple.. I hope you will like it... The music I chosen was from deathly hallows part 2 soundtrack called Lily's theme.. its the first track in the film and it worked well in the video. I hope yall like it.


Harry x Hermione ~ Pieces

The song is "Pieces" by Red

Hope you enjoy! =]

Fic : More Than A Gamble
GOT Jon Sansa
Title: More Than A Gamble
Author: mihnn
Characters: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger
Word Count: 3,790
Rating: M15
Warnings: A little bit of angst with a little bit of fluff.
Summary: Hermione expected a quiet, uneventful evening indoors. Figures that whatever she plans is always ruined by a certain Harry Potter.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter in any shape or form.
Author’s Notes: Written for the HumpFest 2011 conducted by hp_humpdrabbles

More Than A Gamble

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